The sublimation of your dishes and recipes

Culinary photography refers to the art of photography that allows restaurateurs, artisan caterers, editors of recipe books or hotel managers to sublimate the cuisine, the products and the dishes prepared.

This type of photography is particular in the sense that it requires surgical precision as well as knowledge of the culinary field in order to succeed in giving consumers the desire to taste.

In order to ensure photographs that sublimate your work, I work with natural light as well as studio lighting. Then, a retouching work is carried out in order to translate into image the delicacy and freshness of your dishes and to offer you unique and personalized compositions.



Lifestyle photos are designed so that you can easily insert yourself into the photo and put the viewer in a real-life situation. Essentially, players can see themselves sitting at the table with friends or family. These images are carefully designed to look a little messy, as if they've just eaten at the table, sometimes with bites that have been removed. These work very well as marketing tools because you can easily imagine yourself with your friend and family while eating, creating your desired story. Usually this would be coupled with recipe creation and can work very well for a blog, menu cover, websites and any promotional material.


These are "lifestyle" holds designed specifically for restaurants. They are photographed on location at the restaurant, where the chef prepares the styling and the preparations for the plates and are taken in a typical restaurant setting. These shots work very well for websites, marketing materials and menus.


These are photos of products taken on a clean white background with a minimum of styling required. These are for clean product photos that are easily cut out and inserted into websites and sales materials. They are made in large quantities for grocery stores, take-out order pages for restaurants or used by graphic designers in flyers or other promotional tools.

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Personalized quotation

The above rates are indicative, it is possible to make you a proposal tailored to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.