Sylvain THIOLLIER Photographer

Culinary and corporate photographer -Toulon - Var

Portraitist of France 2021

Member of the FFPMI, the French Federation of Photography and Image Professions, which promotes and defends the profession of photographer, I was the winner of one of the most prestigious competitions of French photography in 2021. I became Portraitist of France, a great pride for me, to have been recognized by my peers for my work.

Culinary Photographs

Cooking is an art that photography allows to reveal to everyone. For me, culinary photography is about conveying the essence of a place and an atmosphere through images. It is also about sublimating the work of chefs by staging dishes that tell the story of a passion and a land and transforming a meticulously prepared plate into a true graphic composition. To succeed in awakening the senses of everyone, such as taste and smell through the visual, is a challenge that I am always ready to take up. The culinary photographs are accompanied by portraits of the chefs and the decoration of the establishment to discover the general atmosphere.

Portraits & professional photos

Photography seems more and more accessible with the technological prowess of our smartphones. Yet, depending on how it is taken, a photo can make you feel different emotions, deliver different messages and reinforce different personality traits. Showing the best version of yourself with a professional photoshoot for your resume, your social networks, your email signature, your website... is putting all the chances on your side. In the same way, to value your company, your collaborators and the leaders with professional portraits, that enables you to control the image of your company in harmony with your strategy of communication.

Photographs of Artists

The performance, the staging, the visual are the daily life of the artists. To show their art, to arouse an emotion and to surprise with their creativity, musicians, dancers, actors and all other performing artists need a professional portfolio. Artist portraits are simply professional portraits that can break the codes and go further in creativity. An artist's photo reportage must, in just a few photos, show their work, their personality and their soul as an artist. To realize a photo shooting of artist, it is for me, the opportunity to create a beautiful synergy full of creativity between the artist and his public.

Corporate photos

Professional photographs for professionals: I produce your corporate photo reports for your communication strategy and to cover your various events (inaugurations, conventions, gala evenings, etc.). To show the human, to value the professionalism and to give credibility to the small and medium-sized companies, the photography is a true tool of communication to develop the notoriety of your brand, your products and to promote your values.

Photo reports for the wineries

Brother, son and grandson of a winegrower, I propose to wine estates a complete work on the year. My work consists in capturing different atmospheres throughout the seasons, with aerial photos by drones, photographic reports of the winemakers, the domain, the vines, the bottles, the cellar and the winery. Immortalize an atmosphere, enhance the work of the vineyard, show the most beautiful assets of the domain, I propose you a complete book with the photos of all the seasons to develop your notoriety and be ready to communicate for the tourist season.

International travel

To realize your photo shootings abroad, I travel all over Europe, as well as in Dubai where I had the opportunity to work several times with companies, artists and restaurant owners. For me, discovering a new place, new atmospheres, new lights is a real source of inspiration. This thirst to discover new cultures and to bring a French touch to it, is a real creative force that I cultivate with passion.

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