Copyright: Marie Jaine


Like many people perhaps, I sometimes feel frustrated that I can't do all the jobs that interest me. I believe that choosing the path of a photographer offers me a solution! Indeed, the clients I work with open up their world to me, into which I immerse myself for a moment... All the more to show them off!

Chef, craftsman, artist, public or private life, moments of celebration or intimacy, I am the witness of experiences, of exceptions, which I try to reflect as best I can by putting my technical qualities at the service of Beauty.

For this, I call upon my beginnings as a sound engineer, which today allow me to be in constant learning, to be a "touch of all buttons", with the intention of answering the speech and the sensibility of my client.

As the great-great-grandson of Félix Thiollier, a pioneer of photography whose legacy I carry as my third name, I do not believe in chance and am proud to carry the torch now.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information: a biography is never easy to write, and says very little about what could be shared! I'll be happy to talk to you, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.